June 11, 2011

Exam Correction list & things I need to remember

.... the majority of the time I simply didn't read the question properly or didn't think about my answer enough... but the places where i genuinly screwed up are....

1. Things that affect the size of the current:
     Battery/power supply
2. In physics write things to the same d.p or s.g.f as in the question... and ignore the years of intense training your math teacher has put you through to make you write everything to 3s.g.f and degree's to 1 d.p.

DONE!....Well that was easy.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent work, Frazer - I can see that you've thought deeply about how to improve

    Some extra things to think about:
    1. The reason for this is V=IR
    2. Damn those Maths teachers, eh?! s.f. are the things to watch - d.p not important. Use the s.f of the input variables in the question to determine how many s.f you should quote your answer to.