January 18, 2012

Trial Exam Improvement Plan

So..... Trial Exams.... Conclusion:
But as always... there's room for improvement...

Mark in test: 90%                     
IGCSE Grade in test:  A* 

Write down the scientific facts that you need to remember from this unit of work

  1. Electromagnetic spectrum is in order of decreasing wavelength
  2. Weight is a force, gravity is a…
  3. In a kettle: electrical energy à heat energy, heats up the kettle
  4. 1000mA = 1A
  5. Shiny objects are good reflectors and poor radiators/emitters
  6. Proportional = straight line graph through origin
Can you improve your exam technique?  How? 
  1. Don’t overthink the question 

How much revision did you do? (Be honest!) : 4+ hours

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